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Reliable work from home jobs has become very popular over the last few years in the UK for a very good reason

When people started to realise that there was some positive aspect of running a business from home including financial the search was on to find the right business that fitted their needs..

A recent survey found that out of 400 worker two-thirds run and owned their own business from home. Their reason spanned from the flexibility, the freedom, the short to no driving to work and the lack of office politics. All they felt were the main benefits of working from home.

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What are the benefits of starting a business from home UK

There are six benefits of running a business from home and being a part of the genuine work from home jobs UK generation


Nearly 50% of all people running a home based business or working from home say that having that flexibility to choose when they work is a major reason for working from home. The ability to work around child care, choosing the best hours to suit and managing high workload situation as a when they happening allows work life, family life and personal life to live in harmony with each other.

Many people have told me that one place they have saved a lot of money is being able to choose when they go on holiday by choosing last minute deals and off peck seasons instead of going when you are told you are on holiday as many company do.

Almost no commuting

In research, 30% were completely happy to stop commuting to work, however I surprised it is not bigger because of the time it took and the saving that were going to be made. This could be because many enjoy meeting and socialising with others in their office, however this still does not get away from the fact that the reliable work from home jobs improve productivity and reduce stress.

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Better balance in work and in life

I think even the most hard core among us are looking for some kind of balance in our lives and it seems that about a quarter of us see that balancing our work and our personal life is an important aspect for a happy existence.

We all know that if we are contently working away from home and returning late at night it is going to put a strain on our personal life. So, working from home or starting a business at home gives us the opportunity to build the balance back into our lives by opening up time for family and friends.

The most popular reason for many people is childcare, because if you are at home, it is so much easier to arrange our work life around our children’s school timetable when we work at home.

Nevertheless, this is not the only reason, many see working from home as a lifestyle choice, allowing them to do other things in life such as hobbies, sports and past-time that may or may not involve the family.

A relaxed and peaceful environment at home

As in all home based industries the environment needs to be the right atmosphere for the most productive home worker and that is why many enjoy that feeling when they are working from home.

Many found when they are working from home that the peaceful and relaxing surroundings was a major factor for increased production. Other felt that because there is a more relaxed dress code they in turn they felt more relaxed. In addition, having personal control of their environment such as opening windows or reducing the heat with complaints from other made the whole experience much more relaxing.

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No more office politics

Some of us have experienced negative office politics and others seem to avoid it and never really have a problem, but the niche group in offices for some can be a pain and an unneeded distraction in the work place.

Many, say that they enjoy not needing to be involved with office politics, because running a business from home means that you are the boss and answer to no-one

Much lower overheads

The first this that come to mind when starting any business is the expenses that incur such as office space, the daily commute, the electric and water bills, and anything needed to run an external business away from home.

Running a home business give many the opportunity to reduce costs down to the minimum, because if you are just starting a new venture the last thing you need is extra costs to stress and worry about.

The positive aspects are a bigger salary and far less stress than there would be if you got started with a bill for things you could avoid working from home.

For many it is very clear that running a business from home has many benefits for the new business owner.

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